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ActualitésPublié le 09/05/2020

The Municipality of Pluméliau-Bieuzy has available 4,500 cloth face masks for its residents.

To collect your mask, starting on Saturday 9th of May, 9 to 12a.m. from Monday to Saturday, please go to:

– The Brod’in BZH workshop, 3 place Jean-Marie Onno, in Pluméliau, for those registered on the electoral lists and who vote in polling stations 1 or 2.

– The Odonata workshop, 2 route de Pluméliau, in Saint Nicolas des Eaux, for those registered on the electoral lists and who vote in polling stations 3 or 4.

The masks cost 3,50€, are limited to one per person and sold at cost price. The income will be used to support small, local businesses in Pluméliau-Bieuzy that the coronavirus crisis has greatly affected.

To avoid queues, only one person per household may come to collect the masks. Please bring the necessary documents to justify the identity of each family member, e.g. passport, driving license, etc.

Physical distancing and hygiene recommendations must be observed, please respect them.

People who are unable to travel may give proxy to a relative or a neighbour (use following example of proxy authorisation):

In French

Je soussigné M …     né à …   le … demeurant à … donne pouvoir à M…né à … le … demeurant à …

Pour retirer un masque en tissu. Fait à … le …

(Justification to be provided: any document of identification).

For newcomers or people who are not registered on the electoral roll, as well as our residents who are nationals of a country outside the European Union, please bring proof of residence and of identity.


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